More Good News!

! I learned this week that Crooked Hallelujah won University of Central Oklahoma’s Everett Southwest Literary Award, a prize for story manuscripts written by writers living in or writing about Texas, New Mexico, or Oklahoma.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.53.38 PM.png

I’m so grateful for this honor and for the time and attention judge Rob Roensch paid our work. He said this about Crooked H, which, I mean, YES THANK YOU SO MUCH:

“As a collection, Crooked Hallelujah tells the vivid and enveloping story of the contentious relationships and unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters across generations in the unforgiving landscape of rural Oklahoma and Texas. Each individual short-story is alive with fierce struggle and fierce love. It is an unforgettable work of art.”

It’s been a good week, friends! If you find yourself here, still reading, thank you.